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Originally Posted by Thirteen
It's very feminine.

So do you see anything of the typical Star Card meaning in this? Of gazing into the future, of healing, hope, kindness, etc.

Oh difficult. It is Gothic card. I see only advices to become opened and hopeful.
I can not say even that she is clear feminine spirit. She is with double dark bottom. She is sexual but not prolific. Her lower part is black. She does not want or are not be able to be in pair.

Actually I do not like such cards like the Moon and the Star in any their best interpritations.

If I got the Star card and it tells me about hopes and healing .... I always ask - HOW LONG I SHOULD WAIT for my hopes?.
I start to search in panic any numerogical signs which would specify to me in dates of performance of my desire.
And actually I can wait for ages and if something happened it will be very suddenly when I will not be able to wait anymore and tired of my waiting.

Any way this card indicate itself that we should hope for better and not to be linked to dreams.
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