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Originally Posted by Surja76
HOW LONG I SHOULD WAIT for my hopes? ...Any way this card indicate itself that we should hope for better and not to be linked to dreams.
I, personally, don't see the Star's "Hope" as meaning anything you need to wait for. When I see the Star, I always interpret "hope" as meaning that there is something there, something real and solid however distant, like a real and solid star in the sky, which can guide us to where we're going.

Imagine if a sailor was lost at sea, no land in sight, he might feel hopeless. Now he can hope for rescue, in which case he might ask, as you ask, "How long should I wait for my hopes?" Hope, in that case, is a dream. He has no power over when or if anyone will come to rescue him. But I don't think the Star card is ever offering that kind of hope to those of us lost at sea.

Rather, I think the Star card offers the North Star as the hope that the sailor has of getting home. Something right there, that he can see and use, in hopes of getting home. No need to wait. And it's no dream. It is a very real hope.

IMHO, When the Star card appears, I believe it means there is hope. Right here. Right now. Right at that very moment that you've pulled the card. There is hope. If you look you can see it. And that hope, like the North Star, can guide you to where you want to go. But the card doesn't promise anything more. It doesn't promise that hope is coming to you like a rescue and you don't have to do a thing. Nor does it promise that you'll get to your future even if you see that star and make use of it. It simply says: "This is possible."

And in certain cases, like being lost at sea, I'd much rather hear that there is a hope of me finding a way home--however difficult it might be to latch onto that hope and make use of it, instead of hearing "give up hope, all is lost, there is no possible future for you."

Wouldn't you?
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