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Wow many lightbulbs turning on!

I figured it out! I am so obtuse sometimes!!! The King of Pentacles represents my real father! He is a fundamentalist Christian and it's his view or the wrong view. And, incidentally, he is also a miser and I am helping him out at work now. I think it is showing me that in the past, when I was a child, I was physically repelled by tarot because of the fear and evil that my dad saw in it. I think it was reversed because he is/was wrong. Now that I am a parent, my mind knows that a.) extremist views are just that and b.) that I shouldn't limit my children's worlds like he did mine. And, in the future, as an adult, I will be balanced spiritually because I will have the best that both my religion and tarot have to offer.

Thanks for your insights, they really helped.
I have decided to write down the cards I get in daily and three card draws in a notebook with a page for each card. I will put the date, context and impression of each card that I draw. I think that may give me a clearer interpretation for myself that relying soley on the book's interpretation. I think I got the idea of of one of these forums.

It might be interesting to have a thread that takes a card a week and have everyone briefly give their interpretation on that card. I know thirteen did that in her basics, but the object here would be to get many opinions (since everyone has one!)

I think this one post should be divided between about 3 threads or forums, sorry!

P.S. Temperance, I am using the Louis' book also and I really like it!
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