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Originally Posted by bumble bee
The lavender gown is symbolic as the Victorians wore this color as they came out of mourning after wearing black. The snow is thin and the angel has cups which hold blood - the promise of new life.
Its like its represents the transition from death or winter the dormant and dying season to the promise of spring and new life.
I can almost envision the angel performing a ritual with the blood which causes the change of seasons. Alchemy.
Oh, I like that! Wonderful point. The lavender color in Victorian times was one of those things I'd heard and stored away in the attic of my mind. I'd have never remembered that or made the connection. Thank you, Bumble Bee! What a fantastic observation! I think you're really right.

You know, when I first saw this card I didn't think much of it, outside of the fact that I was struck by the snowy landscape. But it's becoming one of my all-time favorite Temperance cards. It has that BG scary factor as between the semi-mourning dress, skull and liquor in the cups, she might be trying to bring the dead back to life. But I love the power it suggests for Temperance. That in-between, on the verge of transformation stage. Get this mixture just right and everything will change, the landscape, even oneself. I never thought of Temperance that way, though really, I should have. It's always such a quiet card, and so many decks make it feel passive. Make it feel like the dull moderation of its name which dilutes wine with water.

This card, however, in its quiet/creepy way, does an amazing job of reminding us that if this peaceful experiment goes right, everything will reawaken--become active and energized. What Temperance is doing may seem innocent and serene, but it's full of energy just waiting to be released. The card is marvelous; true synergy in image and meaning.
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