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Daves comments on his exercise

As I read my posting this morning, it is obvious that this exercise was just that, an "exercise" and not a reading as such. Even as an exercise, it was incomplete as a story line but that is what an imaginative inquiry is --- it takes one wherever one's mind goes and it is not concerned with story structure or linking up all of the steps.

What was impressive to me, having picked a "before" and an "after" helping card to suggest some context for how the Hermit came to be in the tower, was how those cards' images really tied together a story line that supported what came through. Another example of trusting the cards to do what is appropriate.

If we were to look at those cards in terms of the conventional meanings within the Fey Tarot, the Six/Cups would point towards looking back at memories, of becoming lost within nostalgia, of letting past memories influence ones thinking about the present. Perhaps a sense of being lost in a "prolonged pause" could be seen. The Nine/Swords suggests, in conventional terms, inner tensions over past and present actions and circumstances, being at a loss as to how to manage ones despondent feelings, how to just make the world go away. So, a total reading summary would suggest that one had been thinking of the past and had let those memories give pause to any necessary and current actions, that one was currently feeling lost and was not making a decision to move out of that space, and that this would lead to greater despair and extreme anxiety in the near term.

This "reading" was so different from the imaginative journey of the Hermit as he worked his way through the assessment-choice-action-reassessment-and- growth/movement process. Yet, I can say that the conventional reading sees the 3 cards as a spread in one way, and that the imaginative processes of working with the focus card saw the 3 cards in another and more positive-proactive way. Both would work, although one approach would be better than the other depending upon the reader and the querent and the actual situation that brought them together.

Comments by others are always welcome. Dave.
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