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Using Victorian Romantic-The Chariot
What I noticed:
The movement of clouds through the air, while a soothing midnight blue is peeking through. Can still make out a far distant moon, even at this speed, and I do feel movement. Half draped in blue material is the first lady that I notice with an exposed left leg, reminding me of the VR HP. This cloth waves beautifully at some rush and falls to the side, lovely. She holds and stares at a long, fine wand. Looking somewhat distracted as the two other ladies, behind, look forward in a concentrated gaze. The last entity in the back, just a head really, is going with the flow, sans control panels. Is that stupidity or trust? Perhaps a bit of both.
Finally those purple creatures, a bat/dog combo…don’t know if they are angry or terrified of what approaches to the right.
Sinking into the card now…it definitely feels like fear emanating from these creatures. It was my entrance it was barking at, I see now. More roar than bite. Then I approach the distracted lady, half covered in blue cloth…beauty of the wands distracts. On closer inspection of the two drivers above, the wand (same as the first) does not distract the real drivers, at all. It’s has some definite use way beyond lookin’ purdy. In that, I sense what would be described as purpose, and determination, maybe to get to the next patch of sky. Closer still, heading toward the back of this rolling chariot, I see its last passenger has made this trip before. She leans on her wand like a crutch.
I missed that central hat that one of the navigators is wearing. She also wears a red cape that did not initially catch my eye. Someone is definitely in charge then. At this point of my meditation, I understand that the lady beside the one wearing a hat is some sort of trainer or teacher. A ‘been there, done that’ feel to her, and a willing nature to give another the controls. Maybe they are all her pupils, learning the path and how to maneuver on it with this seemingly powerful auto.
In taking some steps back to gain another perspective, I see a transition of gradual movement from fear at its lowest level, namely the purple creatures, to the simple, carefree attitude of the back seat passenger…different levels of being all in one moment in time.
Time to step out of the card and say thanks:
“Thank you ladies for letting me see through your eyes and feel what it is you are trying to tell me!”
I say this as I pat the purple creatures trying to bring some reassurance.
My gift to give is ‘milk bone’ biscuits for all the pups. Their gift to me handed by the ‘teacher’ is her wand with the understanding that I should practice my own chariot racing every day! Will do.
“Thank you again, and safe journey everyone.”
As I watch the card shrink back down to size, I hear “stay focused”.
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