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Originally Posted by emmsma
But, but, but.... I think I already got everything I really need.
<horrified look> Wash your mouth! that's a de-enabling comment - this is the enabling thread! Jeez, I *was* going to welcome you, but the second post ever to be posted here *has* to be off-topic already. What a fantastic start. <wilts slightly>

Originally Posted by emmsma
Well, I keep looking at the Ogham-Celtic Oracle. Oh, wait. This is tarot.

I keep looking at The Meneghello Dotti...
And on a lesser note, I still don't have the Egyptian Tarot Mini or the Secret Tarot Mini.
Well, I guess we can stretch a point of the O-C is all we can enable you on. you know, it would be *much* more satisfying to keep looking at it, if you had it in your hands and could look at all the images, feel them, move them around, caress them ...

As to minis, they should be compulsory. After all, they take up less room on the handbag, meaning you can carry three of them for every one normal-sized one (especially LS minis, which are really considerate that way!), and they take up *much* less room in the car or the office desk. And talking of the office, if you;'re doing a full spread on work time, it's much easier to hide the evidence with a mini-deck by sliding a file over the spread than it is with a regular-sized deck, which will produce a spread taking up much more room.

In fact, keep your regular sizes for home, and keep work and your car very well-stocked with minis of ALL your decks - you won't regret it. An' they're *so* cheap, an' all! What's not to love?
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