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Medieval Scapini Tarot - Ace of Cups

Suit of "Blessings" - kether - crown is a circlet of lotus petals.

Suit of Hearts - heart in mid of fruitfilled stem

Ace = Commencement of a love affair.

Scapini's opulent fountain for his Ace of Cups, his fountain stands on the qlippoth, the "Shells" or Cortices" of evil. Scapini's qlippoth are marine shells, crab, scallop, and nautilus.

Mother Cat nursing 3 Kittens - Contentedly, nurturing, generosity,

Kittens - red, black, white - color symbols-

Scapini's red - spirit
Scapini's black - (Saturn) - death, mystery, delusion, and conspiracy
Scapini's white - purity

Serpentine/Snake = encompasses "blessings" also Dragons tail - Stem of the fountain - beauty,

Serpent - lies beneath the womans feet -

Tortoise shell - pleasure,

Heart - fullness, love, (suit sign)

Pearl - Marriage, perfection

Broken Ice - opulence

Shells - sexual, Acend from, (evil)

Swan feather - birth,

Lotus flower - peace, purity, (kether)

A woman nurses 2 babies - fertility, charity, joy, spiritual love,

Fountain basin - Goodness overflowing,

Dolphins - Horned - guarding - love, devotion, imagination, goodness, enlightenment, inner peace, regeneration, divination, wisdom, prudence, emotions.

Two stoned Masks - spout two stream of water into the hexagonal basin.
Mask of a Happy face - Happiness, joy,delight,
Mask of a sad face -

Hexagonal basin - union, comming together of opposites, joining to forces.

Dove - Peace, eternal love, purity

PS: I am not finished, I have more info in my Journal, this is just to get it started, please bare with me
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