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The Medieval Scapini - Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords, is especially interesting for its abundance of symmetrical opposites, The contrasts of White and Black, good and evil, sweet and bitter.

The Sword emblem has "the Crown" of Kether above the "Diadem" of Malkuth.

Suit of Spades - Crown is in circled with.


Ace = Commencement of enmity.

Symbols of the Ace of Swords

Goddess of Victory - Victory, glory, justice, punishment, injustice,

Laurel Crown - worldly success - Air - Flight
Triumph by force, power, authority, loss of power,

Wings - Conquest, release, upliftment, dematerialization, movement away, inspired

Yellow Lightning - Inspiration - (helps us to understand the problems we are dealing with at the time.) Signal - Alerts us of upcoming storm.
Disaster, obstacle, destruction,

Palm fronds - Victory over death - unfolding of spiritual forces -

Yin / Yang - Symbol - balance,

Red and Blue Flames -

Blue flames -Passivity - Truth, peace, calmness, conception, fidelity, seed, conception, fertility
Red flames - Activity - will, desire, passion, courage, action, sperm, impotency

Cain - Holding produce - farmer- Limits obstruction, battles, strife, difficulties

Abel - holding lamb - herdsman- aspirations getting better

Snake - horns - green - wisdom, transforming, spiritual, depravity, regeneration, healing, bruised, jeolousy, prejudice

Clouds - Air - Dark - psychic veil -emotions that have been kept at bay.
Temper, bravery, strength, agressiveness

Bright - upliftment, spirituality,

PS: I am not finished, I have more info in my Journal, this is just to get it started, please bare with me
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