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More info from the LWB and the BOOK

Originally Posted by LWB
The meanings of the cards in the sense of their interpretation, leaving aside all the studies and books on tarot, which tend to be directed towards more sentimental areas, crude advice, and simplistic material concepts.
Luis Royo - to me seems very complex, I am wandering why he feels that way about the tarot, and to say that above in Quote?

What do any of you think?

Originally Posted by Book
The book discusses it's symbolism, communications and relations to esoteric knowledge as well as the different theories of it's orgins. This tarot respectfully maintains the symbolism of the marseilles deck. Within the tarot deck range one can find well-know hermetic and egyptain symbolism
Well to me the book didn't really get into the orgins, I personally found more info in the book Mystical Orgins of the tarot. Yes, I did do some comparisions of the Labryinth tarot with the Marseilles deck, he somewhat was close in the major arcana cards, but not with the pips or court cards. the only card that to me seems egyptain is the wheel of fortune card. I also found more errors in the symbols illustrated on the cards, more so in the Minor Arcana. Overall this deck is gorgeious, his art is out of this world.

What's your take?
post your thoughts.
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