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I also noticed the dove is also on the Tower card also.. which is quite fitting to the Tower as well. (it is in the hands of the divine)

The Fool is one of my favourites in this deck..
The crocodile has me intrigued in this card. as my western thoughts on crocodiles and ,also living in croc country , makes it a bit odd!.

here are a few links i found on him.. Sobek the crocodile sun god.
the second link makes more sense to me as to why he would be here in this card..

The Ostrich feather in his hand , written in hieroglyph means "I"
Here is also a representation of what the Ostrich feather means

The flowers in the card.. I may just write to Clive Barret and ask him if they meant anything or what type they are. as I need to return an email thanking him for this deck anyways. so in passing LOL!

here hoping to revive this study group
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