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Originally Posted by Dancing Bear
I am still going to use my own interpretation with this because to me it fits better..
I encourage everyone to do that, so can't take anyone to task for doing so.

Originally Posted by Dancing Bear
I know its only symbolically and not actual < But i am truly having a hard time seeing Set as a Croc.
According to the Dictionary of Ancient Deities by Turner and Coulter, "Set has many animal aspects: the antelope, donkey, ass, crocodile, and sow." According to the Encyclopedia of Gods by Jordan, "Seth is also represented by the crocodile." Finally, according to The Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, "Other animals associated with Set were the antelope, the crocodile, and the ass." So there are at least three non-Barrett references to Set as a crocodile. I'm sure I have more, but those books are back on the bookcase. Those three are at hand as I work with a different mythology-based deck.

Originally Posted by Dancing Bear
Because if this dog is soley the protector, and the Croc is the evil Set. he aint doing a good Job, Amen is walking straight for the Croc.. I would have imagined the dog between the croc and Amen.
I would say that Barrett's Fool is as close to danger as Waite's Fool is. True, the dog in Waite's Fool is making a little more noise than the dog in Barrett's Fool. But the whole message of the Fool is that one has to walk head-first (or foot-first in this instance) into adversity in order to begin the journey of the Majors. If the dog stopped Amun from encountering Set, there would be no story.

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