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Originally Posted by RubyV
I love supporting small publishers, and have found MRP to be a pleasure. I'm just sad that I can't say the same the same for Kunati. I wish I had bought the special ed direct from the artist. Sigh. New estimate: 10 days.
Im sorry to hear about your problems, RubyV. As you will see from my posts, I also had a problem. Kunati asked me if Id prefer them or amazon to solve the problem. Amazon could also replace the faulty cards if I wanted (the theory being that amazon uk might be faster than Kunati shipping from Chicago). I said Id rather Kunati took charge and solved it. Glad I did.

When they realised there was a problem, they were incredibly obliging. I have nothing but praise for how fast they got a new deck to me. I suppose I just didn't really trust amazon to get it right...
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