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The Process ~ Chapter 6 ~ The Skeptic

Hi folks!

In this chapter Dan talks about year cycle numbers (amongst other things). He calculates them by using only the last two digits of the year. 98 instead of 1998. 06 instead of 2006.

Where does this come from? I mean, yes, he tells us that he bases it on the 100 year cycle instead of the 2000 year (Christian) cycle. There must be more to this but I don't know if it has a name under which I can start looking for some answers. Does anybody know more about this theory?

Has anyone tried this method? What are your experiences? I have tried it and I find it amazing how much more accurate Dan's method is in comparison to the other method I've used before. My year cards match reality and my life much more. It's scary.

If you've used it for year cycles, have you used it for calculating your soul and personality numbers as well? I'm not sure if it's valid. My renewed card for both numbers, the empress, makes much more sense to me atm but I can also see where my old card, the emperor, made sense and still does. It's confusing I think.

Anyway, looking forward to hear your opinions on this year cycle thing and everything else going on in this chapter.

Astraea Aurora
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