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Originally Posted by Astraea Aurora
Where does this come from? I mean, yes, he tells us that he bases it on the 100 year cycle instead of the 2000 year (Christian) cycle. There must be more to this but I don't know if it has a name under which I can start looking for some answers. Does anybody know more about this theory?
Hi Astraea,

Using Christian calendar based computations will not produce favorable results when working with people using other culturally based calendars (Jewish, Indian, Chinese, etc.)

A century based calculation serves well across cultural barriers.

Ex: the fall of the Berlin wall: November 9, 1989

11 9 1989


11 9 89

Another date: July 4, 1776

7 4 1776 and 7 4 76.

ETA: The answer is from the maestro.
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