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Originally Posted by Rosanne
If I have taken your words correctly Astraea, this year is one card less or down than my usual way. Whereas I was a 5 I would be a 4 now life card and a cycle card was 11/2 would now be 10/1.
Interesting as I am a Virgo and in the Chinese system I am an Earth Rat, The Royal star Regulus is the winter pillar star (summer star in NH) in my birth month. So truthfully I have felt uncomfortable with the Pope/Hierophant as my life card- much less so with The Emperor. As a cycle card WOF is this year for me, and very appropriate as much has changed and fluctuated. Thank you for suggesting this via the process tapes.
Interestingly, my year cards are two less than with the old method. With the old I'd be in a 10/1 year (wheel), now it's an 8 year (justice). I find justice to be much more accurate than wheel of fortune, just as I think the lovers were more accurate two years ago than the initial justice.

It's fascinating how much two simple numbers have changed my whole perspective.

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