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Death and its trophies.

Death (Shaman) is sitting at table - stone, dolmen room and beating to her drum. With sounds of this drum she is CALLING ON souls of people (humans behind her shoulders) they could see, watch at fruits, products of her conduct, of her hunting. (Bulls heads look like war or hunting trophies on her wall).
Taurus - a land mark. All that came out of the land should return to the earth, to rot, to feed the roots of new plants.

There are two coloured lines on the drum - white and red. If old person dead Shaman shows White flag, if young person dead Shaman shows Red flag. It means that there are all equal, mortal in the face of the Death - young and old. She does not choose (we see faces old and young people).

Death, like any other grief, unites people, helps to change their attitudes to life, to change their life. If a man dies close to us, the money, fame and other benefits go to the last place and we begin to think about the spiritual, that may not forgiven .. Life takes on new meaning and new value.

There is sacrificial stone at Death feet. There is picture of human on it, made in the form of bulls head. And there is bulls head in right side of the card with human picture inside. There is transformation that refers us to old Shamanic rite of "sacrifice bull".
Due to this rite, the bull was the victim of sacrifice, he was hanged on "tree of life", and this victim could seek hostile spirit as compensation for the human, which he intended to devour. Shaman said that the bull is a ransom for «breathing» of ill human. It was a natural variant of the exchange - the body of the bull for the human soul.

There is a bulb, cup between rite bull head and sacrificial stone. I am not sure but it looks like karmic cup which is should be empty or to be filled. It is like channel through with blood of killed animal should flow ill human. Life at the cost of death.

So that in real life we should bury themselves in the animal instincts in order to elevate themselves spiritually.

At the same time Shamans with drum beating not only send dead people to upper or lower worlds but ask spirits for souls of unborn children. With each beat of drum old soul fly to upper world and new soul come instead of it on the earth. Shamans were responsible for life-death transformation which was to establish the natural balance of the earth.

Dolmens also served in old time like a place of all family events. People came to them in days of funerals and weddings to share their joy and sorrow with dead. May be this Death Goddess is calling on souls of dead ancestors (faces behind her shoulders) they could accept new dead soul to their ranks or celebrate the birth of the new soul.
They see rite while new animal was killed, sacrificed in order their spiritual genus chain will never be broken.

This room is red. All rites were around the fire. Red colour is the colour of fire, it is ife-asserting able to defeat death.
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