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As to Shamanic spiritual meaning.

Lit lamp - a symbol of providence and purification. In ancient times, priestess were agents of misguided souls.
We can see the tree - shamanistic tree "life tree" (body of the girl, body of the tree) - the conductor of dead souls (rooted in the land) to the heavens (tree, future)
It was believed that at the time of sudden death, non-confession pure soul, separated from the body, became unprotected (naked priestess, bare wood) and easy prey for demons. Priestess (Shaman) should return the escaped soul of the body, and get on it and release the soul in heaven.

Priestess - full of vitality and health of the woman she is look like this "life Shamanic tree", her legs fallen down on the floor (roots) and head to-bed (in the clouds), it is a bridge between the worlds (tree = body). Link - a spiral, infinite life cycle time. The birth, growth and development of death, dying off.

As to practical reading:

This is lazy, passive girl who is well treated by her parents (lit lamp = family fire). She is look like Snow White girl in the gnomes house, waiting for the kiss of charming prince who will wake her up from her dream.
But she is hanging up in the air. She is not in clouds and at the same time she has no stable ground under her feet. She has no any practical experience in love and in life and does not know what to do. She is well educated but she does not know how to use what she knows, has no any purpose and aim in this life and is not sure what to do in her future.
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