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SE, if you like your Crystal deck continue to use it. Just look deeply at the card and write down what YOU see. Is this the Crystal Tarots by Elisabetta Trevisan? if so it has lots of imagery, look at the backgrounds of the cards closely, the geometric shapes ... do they form patterns? what colors are used? I am looking at the magician (on my calendar *LOL*) and there is LOTS there. I have this deck also, so if we are talking about the same deck I can try to recreate some of things you do when you have questions.

The key is to not jump ahead, but to go through the exercises thoroughly so you can understand the process and get to know the cards well. You will start seeing things you never noticed before ... and what is really neat is that each time you look at them you will make new discoveries.

I strongly encourage you to use you favorite deck, it will make the work all the more fun. If you would like to post your exercise once you complete it Kaz, Bec and I will be more than happy to review it (as we did with each other) and answer any additional questions you might have. We have a really neat sharing of opinions and perspectives in this study group ... great to have you with us.
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