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My 3 card excercise

Here is my 3 Card excercise as promised: How did I do?

Using the Universal Waite Deck

Body - Knight of Swords reversed
Mind - 6 of Cups
Spirit - 2 of Cups

1. What I see -

Knight of swords reversed- a knight charging into battle w/ sword in air on a white horse in a barren looking land.
6 Cups - A boy holding a cup with a flower in it and he is about to give it to a little girl. She is looking up to him. There are 5 other cups with flowers in them. A village or castle is in the background.
2 Cups - A man and woman look to be in a solemn ceremony, serious, not frivolous. They are holding cups (loving cups?) There is a lion face with wings and a medical staff looking thing.

2. Colors -

A lot of light blue and white with yellow, orange, red and green

3. What the numbers on the cards mean to me -

6 seems like a glass half full
2 is a pair, union, connection, committment

4. Human figures and animals -

Kn of Sw - a knight and a white horse
6 C - 2 children and a figure in the background
2 C - man and a woman, lion head with wings and a medical staff looking thing.

5. Environment of each Card -

Kn of Sw - almost frantic in intensity
6 C - tender and loving
2 C - solemn and protective

6. Symbols -

Kn of Sw - armor, sword, horse, regal attire, barren land w/ 2 trees
6 C - home or village, children, cups, flowers
2 C - laurels, cups, lion head with wings and a medical staff looking thing. A house in the background.

7. Emotion -

Kn of Sw - daring, righteous, fearless
6 C - tender, loving, giving
2 C - solemn, devout, protective

8. Which way figures face

Kn of Sw - (and horse) face away from other cards (except in this case when reversed)
6 C - children face each other
2 C - couple face each other

9. My body card is telling me not to charge in like a bull in a china shop. My mind card is telling me to be gentle and giving, my spirit is telling me to be committed.

10. Same cards from Time perspective:

In the past I acted without thinking, now I am more gentle and giving, in the future my relationships will be deeper and more committed.
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