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Tarot for Yourself - Ch. 2: 3-card spread

I began working with the 3-card spread in Chapter 2 today, and wanted to go ahead and post it to see what the rest of you thought. So here goes! [I used the Tarot of the Old Path, and did not use reversals]

Body: 3 of Swords
Mind: 4 Cauldrons (Cups)
Spirit: Queen of Pentacles

What do you see?
3S: I see the aftermath of a trial by combat. The young, blond knight is dead of a headwound, and the older knight kneels over him with sword still drawn. A young woman carrying the third sword has turned her back on the combatants and is weeping.

4C: An older man with grey hair (probably a merchant) lies sleeping holding a cauldron loosely in his left hand. A young woman with red hair pours water from her cauldon into his. She wears a golden circlet on her head. Another cauldron is on a table behind them, and the 4th sits full before the sleeping man.

QP: The dark-haired queen rests her arm on the large pentacle. Sheaves of wheat are in front of her and honeysuckle blooms behind. Her hair is ornately braided, and she wears a flowing green gown.

3S: golden-yellow, gold, yellow, red, and dark green

4C: lots of blue, purple, a little green and yellow

QP: lots of green, a little yellow

3S: battlefield

4C: a place of rest

QP: feels more like a portrait. the "where" is not important, only the "who"

3S: swords, blood, wind, helmet, girtle and bindings around braids

4C: cauldrons, water, pillow, colors on the woman

QP: pentacle, wheat, honeysuckle, crown, jewelry, hair

3S: sorrow, heavy-hearted

4C: mothering (protective, generous), trusting

QP: wistful, pensive

3S: the victor is facing the dead knight, and away from the other cards. the woman has her back to the knights and is facing, but oblivius to, the other cards.

4C: The sleeping man is facing me (but asleep), the woman is looking down and towards the right but attending to herself.

QP: facing the other cards, but with the "1000 yard stare"

Body: I'm having a lot of problems with body image right now, and am more giving up than trying to address the problems directly.

Mind: My recent dedication to daily meditation and self-discovery may offer guidance and aid.

Spirit: The potential for my own well-being, happiness, and stability lies in my spirit

While I'm not comfortable with my body as it is right now, through meditation, self-discovery, and focusing my mind, I will find the spirit within me to be content with where I am in my life, and to make the improvements that I need to realize my full potential in body, mind, and spirit.

I've been hurt in the past leading to sorrow and a sense of loneliness. Now I'm finding peace within myself using meditation and my own creative imagination. If I continue on this path I may find contentment.

A final note
Just before I came to post this spread, I had flash of understanding about the 3 of Swords. I realized that it isn't clear to me who killed the young knight. It could just have easily been the young woman (who I saw as myself in the spread). It's something that I want to explore further.

Hope I haven't bored everyone to tears.
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