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I use the Gilded Tarot (love this deck!)

From the book:
The Queen of Cups is a kind, gentle, sensitive, and thoughtful, charming, socially polite, creative and artistic. She sometimes can appear "switched off" from the outside world, as she is quite in tune with her inner world, which she can easily slip into, giving her a detached air at times. She prefers one-to-one friends or conversations, rather than large groups. Usually quite feminine and empathic by nature, she can at times be melancholy, or prone to shifting moods.

The book also suggests you will find Cup Queens "in the helping/healing professions: nursing, teaching, alternative therapies, psychics, the arts, interior design, fashion and so on." In the negative, "they may be dreamy, unrealistic, overly sensitive, prone to a victim mentality, give up too easily (not so very "gritty"), be easily led by others, and can be manipulative. They dislike speaking out, seeing doing so as confrontational."

Of all the Queen's the Queen of Cups is my second-favorite, my favorite being the Queen of Swords. I feel I, personally, am a weird cross between the two, having the scientific, searching, truth-seeking mind of the Queen of Swords, but the non-confrontational, peace-seeking, mystical, intuitive, "flowing" heart of the Queen of Cups.

I think many people see this queen as wishy-washy or a pushover. She can be in some ways, but queens are all powerful in their own way. This woman's strength is her "go-with-the-flow" nature. Like water, she flows into everything, adapting effortlessly to everything that life puts in her path. She is very spiritual and sees everything as there for a reason. She is at peace with existence. Others see this as detachment, but I see peace. The rest of the world struggles and resists, but she accepts and is at peace with what life brings her way, "counting it all joy". The danger there is that, sometimes you MUST resist and fight, and she finds it goes against her nature to do so.

This woman, if left to be the way she truly is, without trying to change her, rein her in, pen her up, or manipulate her path, she is a thing of beauty and power. Her message seems to be "let whatever happens happen". If everyone did just this, life would roll on very smoothly...but the world is not made up of just Cups: there are pushers and shovers out there too, trying to MAKE things happen. The Queen of Cups embodies the most traditionally "feminine" traits: beauty, delicacy, lovingness, quietude, introspection, and the mysteries of "women's intuition". She's all about the tides and the moon and the mysteries of Woman. She changes her circumstances over the long term, wearing them away the way water erodes the earth, by doing nothing more than being herself. This is power. She "loves" the problems away.
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