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Hi Napaisti,
I have this deck and for a couple of years I used it very regularly, I have even used in a couple of exercises from this book. I have not used it in a while so I am going to try and recreate your spread and take a look.

Off of the top of my head what comes to mind is that perhaps what you are seeing in the 3S is that you (the woman with her back turned) have been the one to hurt your own self image by internalizing your pain and not being able to recognize help from others when it has been offered. This internalized pain has taken a heavy toll on you. In your mind (4C) you are withdrawn although you wish to come back. Sometimes you feel your attempts are fruitless, but they are not. Your spirit (QP) is telling you that you need to ground yourself in order to surpass the barriers you have set for yourself. Once you do that you will flourish.

In terms of past present and future, what I see is that in the past you have been overly critical of yourself which has caused you to have a lower self-esteem than you would like. In the present you are taking steps to correct that and regain your self-esteem but are unsure if what you are doing is correct (due to the 3S in your past) thus you sometimes turn away from your efforts although they really are going in the right direction. In the future, you will become grounded and be able to reflect on your past and current present and use them for your own positive self growth.

Great work, I look forward to your future posts.
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