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I want to write mine without reading other's interpretations first :3

Androgynous Fool? No- I definitely think its a female right off the bat. An old Chinese lady who was part of an acrobatic circus troop that wasn't allowed to show their gender. Gender inequality, you know? It reminds me of Kabuki theater in Japan, too... where men dressed up as women to play them on the stage. But in this card, the Fool is that woman who snuck into the group and wanted to do it anyway... So much respect for her, too and maybe even lore and superstition. Why else would she be out on that building at night? Only she would be as brave as to do this stunt with respect from her peers.

That there's an acrobatic woman of Asian decent on top of a building in Europe flashes me to a time when both cultures were aware of one another and trying to mix. "Orientals" used to be the word and they were "exotic" and "curious" and all those things that today would be considered pretty racial. It's just an era, though. I get that feeling of it being so brave and daring back then (like no one today would blink twice at Houdini).

As for the building, cathedral, palace top she stands on... it's just a place where this Fool to act. Is this old woman part of a group of people performing, or is it just her? Somehow the building doesn't matter too much, really. The only thing that matters more than the woman is the moon and which really gives this a menacing feeling. The clouds are out- obscuring everything- but the moon is still peeking in, wanting to see the spectacle and the daring of the Fool. Not as a blessing or anything, but as in "I dare you." But there really isn't fear or even thought going through the Fool's mind. It's self concerned and almost blank, zen, going through the choreography.

Do I think there are people watching? To be honest, I don't know. It may be too high up (hence the mocking moon) for anyone on the ground to see. It's too dark for even lights from the surface of the earth to reach.

So then why is the Fool doing this? What's the reasoning? No idea, it's hypnotic, and to be honest it quite feels like there's a deeper meaning resonating that makes the Fool do it almost unconsciously. It doesn't sit comfortably, though.
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