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The initial impression is of the Magician not being there to perform magic as a performance... but as a lecture. I don't get that feeling from the setting he's in, but rather by how his table is set up and how he moves behind it. It reminds me of lab studies in college-- working with a group and having the teacher demonstrate at the front of the class. But, it also reminds me of old cadaver studies back in the 1800s, when little was known about the human body and "doctors" would stare and take notes.

There's a real neutrality in this card for me, though. He's been and learned through it all, but he also seems like a beginning student in it all. I don't feel like this Magician has an upper hand; he's simply neutral to me. I don't feel there's any ulterior motive to what he's doing; it's just a set of actions he's performing.

As for the tools at hand, they're so rich and delicious to me! Like, the most bare-bones representation of their respective suits and elements and they just feel right. It's as if the people watching this Magician would recognize what these items meant and their wealth and significance. And even as simple as they are, only the Magician can handle them all with confidence!

This is the first time I've really ever noticed the shape of the smoke on the left hand side. It's like a fist... almost. But what is it coming from? I don't know what that is. But certainly, the Magician has no fear of it and I think would utilize it without worry.

The setting in the cathedral room seems extremely exclusive to me. You had to earn your right to see the Magician do what he's going to do. It's a full moon outside which seems to further my stance on this; this is like a one-time presentation and one-time showing and you've better learn what you need to learn the first time!

But has the Magician done anything yet? No. But, whatever he's about to do is going to be awesome. Whatever energy or power or knowledge he's going to make known will be amazing... though not necessarily "good". Magic is magic to him, doesn't matter if it's good or bad. He just plays with all of it.
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