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In the story Beauty has a dream that a prince is telling her not to trust appearances.To me, this card represents those lovable people who are almost kind to a fault. As a result, people start to take advantage of them. People forget, that deep down, these people have feelings too. Remember, how in the end, Beauty's family actually tries to convince her not to return to the Beast (despite all he has done for them)?
I realize this does not make any sense so I reworded and clarified it more.

Originally Posted by F.M. Tarot
I'm curious, if you do not use the RWS meanings what system are you using with the deck? Suit, keywords, elements or ?
I read the fairy tales and I also read Karen's take on them but then I pretty much just much focus on key parts that stand out to me...even if they are not the same parts that stand out to the creators. Then from there, I apply it to the card. Like with this card, my first take on it is so completely different from how I think the card was probably meant to be read.
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