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For the first time in some time, the first thing I notice in the card is a moment of hesitation in the High Priestess. Normally the card really pushes away from hesitation... act in the moment. But I know considering things going on in my life as of late, this pondering before actually making the decision to follow my instinct seems so significant.

Putting that all aside, is the High Priestess walking or sitting? The billowing of her robes makes me question both ways, but for me today it seems as if she's walking. Her robes are full and even a little bit impractical, even for a Priestess. I understand that she's supposed to be in authority and must even be slightly intimidating in her demeanor, but with her fragile hands, it really makes her seem considerably human to me. The very real and HUMAN expression on her face does nothing to make me feel more comforted in her; it reminds me of how even those who are in power can doubt themselves.

The pillars behind her are more than just the middle ground between "good" and "bad" or the opposites of positive and negative. Their decaying nature make me think that this position of High Priestess has been around for such a long time and that no matter the individual, the tradition must be kept.

Her hesitation and the vial of red liquid she holds makes me wonder how much control the High Priestess has; she seems subservient. Even though she precedes the Hierophant, is she in more or less control? And how does intuition play into it? The finger to her forehead just makes me think..."think". Or "use your noodle!" To be honest, it feels more factual than metaphysical or psychic or intuitive.

Maybe that's the impracticality of her robes or the tradition showed by the pillars behind her. Maybe the individual stresses thought and fact and the actual words that are said... but she's now bound to follow something more dated and primal than all that. There's something bigger and fuller to follow if she goes with her intuition and the energies in the world and she's being drawn into it as her new duty.
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