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Quantum tarot

Okay, here's a task for you.

The venerable Quantum tarot is going OOP. I look at it and my eyes glaze over. Why should I care about cards with all that TIME AND SPACE AND PHYSICS AND ... ***agony*** in them?

Can I be enabled in time to buy the deck while it's still reasonably priced?

I hear people singing the praises of this deck. I like oversized decks, that feel good in the hand. I like decks whose images sing for me.

This deck falls flatter than a pancake. And I'm a huge Star Trek fan, so I love space. At least, in theory. But IMO, outer space does not belong on a deck.

And is anyone *actually* going to tell me that they read with this deck??? I mean, really??? Maybe if you are a pro tarot reader who can read with anything. But what about us mortals?

I don't want any punches pulled; I want *straight,* honest answers!

Now try to enable that!
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