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What I am going to extrapolate from is how the Beinecke Library titles the triumph cards. They are not just triumphs; they are all triumphs attached to regular suits. I phoned the Beinecke and asked them where this system of classificatino came from. They said it was there when they got the collection. It is not used with other cards. I suspect that if I was able to contact Cary's librarian, he or she would say the same thing. It is not the sort of thing librarians would introduce on their own. Somebody a long time ago thought it was the right way to classify these cards.

Here is the classification. In double quotations are the titles on the page that comes up when you search "Visconti" on

SWORDS: "Empress of Swords"; "Emperor of Swords"; "Love (Swords)".
BATONS: "Fortitude (Batons)"; "Faith (Batons)"; "Hope (Batons)".
CUPS: "Charity (Cups)"; "Chariot (Cups)"; "Death (Cups)".
COINS: "World (Coins)"; "Judgment (Coins)".
Your engagement to get to the bottom of this information should be praised.

How secure was your informant? Had it been a 5 minute talk or could you reach, that the librarian took some time to request somebody else? Or hadn't you be the first, who asked it, and the library already reseached before your call the circumstances and hat it ready, when you asked for it?
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