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birds and coins in Cary-Yale

Interested by the birds in the Michelino deck and the phoenix/dove debate and Mike's suggestion to the Cary-Yale I took a further look at Cary Yale in the Beinicke library and detected this coin at the Chariot card in the hand of the female chariot rider.

It shows a bird. So I looked for other coins, and naturally I found them in the coins suit. Bird coins are mainly at the court cards.

The King has the bird only once at his clothing, his two coins (one at the feet, another held by the servant) don't have the bird.

The figure with the most birds is the Queen of coins (I counted 8 at the clothes and 1 on the coin)

The male knight has a bird at his clothes and two at the horse clothing - but the coin has no bird. The female knight has 3 birds at her clothers - but the coin has no bird. The female page the same (the male pagedoesn't exist)

So only the female charioteer and the Queen of coins have the bird on the coin ( .. :-) ... seems to be a wonder coin).

The ace of coins shows the Visconti serpent (most important symbol of Visconti family)

The ace of cups shows also the Visconti serpent in the center

The ace of arrows (or batons) shows an empty bandarole with similarity to Visconti serpent (the ace of swords has the same bandarole). The 2's of both suits have a shorter banderole, the later cards have not.

The 2 of coins shows a Visconti serpent and this symbol (possibly a knot connected to the family and a special identity sign)

In the other cards of the coin siuits it becomes difficult to decipher, what the coins show. It's clear, that a horseman occasionally appears. It seems, that the bird motif appears only with the courts.

This is from the judgment card, it's not clear what it means.

I took a look at the PMB chariot to compare it to the chariot card of Cary-Yale - and relate it to the concrete suspicions about both decks, that Cary-Yale was made in 1441 and the 14 Bembo cards ca. 1452.

The picture is not very good, it's hardly seen, that the woman sits on a throne and has a globe with cross in her hand, in the other a baton (it's better seen, when one knows, that it's there).

In contrast to the PBM the female Cary Yale charioteer sits NOT on a throne (Bianca Maria is 1441 NOT Duchessa of Milan) and hasn't the globe with cross on it (which might present the Milanese reignment). Also in contrast she has a male person at her side, probably meant as Sforza courting Bianca Maria.
The natural Trionfo, which should have accompanied the wedding ceremonies in Cremona 1441 would have taken the bride to the church before the wedding ceremony. The bride would have been probably alone on the chariot.
Her baldachin shows in the inner part a blue baldachin with stars (we discussed this recently: the Star symbol is connected to the theological virtue hope) and Bianca Maria has the coin with a bird (we discussed this recently: The bird on a female hand was given to Hope and the young unmarried girl).
... :-) ... A bird at a coin in the hand of a bride probably meant, that she was a rich girl.

Bianca Maria is also alone at the PBM.

Sforza didn't take the triumphal chariot in March 1450 in Milan, which was offered by the citizens. Also he was wise and prudent enough to stay in his approach to the duke title in the background, behind Bianca Maria. When the emperor (who gave the duke titles usually) was 1452 in Ferrara and Mantova Sforza send a delegation with Galeazzo Maria as future duke, but the Emperor showed the cold shoulder. Sforza was not accepted from this side.

btw. the bird doesn't always make the impression, that it is a dove.

If somebody wishes to make the same or similar researches

type "Visconti" in the search mask
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