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Hi Mike,

Filippo Maria Visconti did in fact mint gold ducats exactly as they appear on the Brambilla and Cary Yale Coins suit.

From Carlo Crippa, "Le monete di Milano dai Visconti agli Sforza - dal 1329 al 1535" (Milano, 1986).

Hard to see the writing on the obverse, but according to Crippa it is "FILIPPVS MARIA ANGLVS"

The reverse is "DVX MED IOL ANVM" (Dux Mediolanum, Duke of Milan), and in the center FI MA (for FIlippo MAria).

Cf. to the Brambilla card images -

And Cary Yale -

(thanks to Raimondo Luberti for getting this information from Crippa many years ago on the LTarot list)

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