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hi Mike,
please let us not discuss, if the title correct ..:-)
there were some questions and I try to give satisfying answers

Originally Posted by MikeH
On another subject: I didn't understand what Huck's conclusion was about the heraldic device of the red cross on the white field and vice versa: in your second post on the subject, do you conclude that the one on the CY Love card is a generic device or particular to Savoy?
I personally don't think, that it is from Savoy, otherwise I would see difficulties with the dating to October 1441. If the earlier mentioned Czechian heraldic rule would be extendable to Italy, then the white cross at red ground might belong to a mercenary group. Perhaps "Sforzeschi" and "Braccheschi" had such shields - I don't know.

Also, I notice that Huck edited the last post on page 2 of this thread considerably later than when I read it. (The post may have a number, but I don't see how to access it.)
... :-) Then you need to read it again. I was disturbed, when repairing the article, sorry ...
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