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  • Take the space. What began very subtley as a new experience, becomes solidified with the four. It becomes clear, solid and ordered. Borders are erected. The order of things gives security. Neccesity, (is) a space to limit. If you fixate too tightly on limits, they can become a prison. In this card we meet the snake from the Ace and the Two of Coins. Here it is the symbol of calm and flexibility. Through the snake, the numbness (rigidity), born of immobility, will be overcome. Four different paths lie within this card: the solid, delimited room; the security which comes from it; the power of limits in the sense of protection and prison; the snake, which can overcome the limits -- through her, everything can move a little.

    Four in the element of earth: to take space, set limits, create order for oneself, to calm down.
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