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Sky Spread

Sky Spread by Richard H. Geer

This is spread is from the book "Star+Gate: Keys To The Kingdom" by Richard H. Geer and was designed to be used with the Star+Gate deck, which is made up of 96 oracle cards. Here is how I have been using this spread with Tarot cards.

The spread's layout:


Tip: To tap into inner meanings, envision a simple scene or a quick story with these card groupings.

The Present/The Here and Now (the 4 cards in the middle of the spread)
These cards have the most immediate bearing on the topic
6. The Issue - the topic, the present focus of your attention
3. You Now - symbolizes where you are now in terms of your topic
7. Helping - indicates something aiding you in dealing with the issue
8. Distracting - something that is diverting your attention away from resolving the issue, a roadblock

The Past/The Foundation (the 3 cards to the left of the central cards)
These deal with the past and show how present conditions came to be.
1 and 2. Behind You - these 2 cards suggest significant experiences that have led to "You Now."
9. Old Focus - indicates an earlier issue or purpose related to your topic. It has in some way led to The Issue (card 1).

The Future (the 3 cards to the right of the central cards)
These indicate where things are heading based on where you are right now.
4. and 5. Ahead of You
10. New Focus
The future seen in these 3 Future cards is flexible and depends on how matters are dealt with in the present. If you like what you see in the cards in this area, you may want to continue the way "You Now" is interacting with "The Issue" in the spread.
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