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Re: X - The Wheel of Life

Originally posted by firemaiden
Translation of MP's text

  • Meandering in the magnetic field of the circles -
    In the Flow/River you will find your answer.
This is wonderful..... I love the idea of MEANDERING, rather than fighting the turmoil, giving in and enjoying the seeming madness of the moment.....

"magnetic field" eludes to the many layers of the aura, it eludes to spirituality and the inevitable occurrence of events, yet it also calls up the image of INTENT and how we can affect that feild, that wheel...... that we are part of the WHEEL. that we are just as much Creator as human, that we influence the wheel......

and then there is the statement about "in the flow/river you will find your answer."........ BEING FULLY WHO WE ARE....... joining the universe in its expansive reality, being with it, not in it, not just a helpless victim of living, but a Creator in living.... a Creator of life.....

Flowing with it is Breath!!! It is Mindfulness. It is Everything and Nothing, all at once........ wuhooooooo
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