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The Hermit is such a transitory card to me that in the same way that the Chariot moves, I think the Hermit goes as well. His imprint might not be as wide, dense or lasting as The Chariot, but his movement is supposed to be a little more subdued. I can't blame him; if I wanted to be off on my own, exploring myself and the wonders of the world, I'd want to have my foot prints ignored and be lost after a while, too.

The moon in the sky doesn't appear as necessarily a moon. It could also be the sun on a very, very foggy morning. I can't tell if it's morning or night and the ambiguity adds to the card's feeling. No matter the time of day: you can always be on a mission for knowledge and self awareness. It's like squeezing in those 15 minutes of meditation into your busy and packed schedule; it can be done to where you can forget the feeling of time and just focus on your mission.

The location, robe, lantern, and maybe even the angle of the left hand (as if with a walking cane) make me think of a long distance journey and we just get a snapshot of him. I think back on the RWS Hermit and how he's stationary, in thought in the moment. What makes me like this particular Hermit more is how he's thoughtful but it's with every step he takes. As if every step he takes is another word to contribute to his discoveries or even another line of thought to add as well... and I don't see this Hermit stopping anytime soon. He'll walk it out until he figures out what he needs to figure out. I like this card; he's not sitting around waiting for his personal discoveries to magically become clear to him. He's actually actively coming upon them.
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