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I'm doing my IDS on the Bohemian Gothic Tarot and I have spent the last week in journey and meditation with The High Priestess. Mine is a personal journey within the spiritual ways of my own spirituality, beliefs and instinctive knowing... My ancestral northern hemisphere ancestral ways taught in a country that is at the other side of the world, together with my southern hemisphere beliefs and experiences. All of which I see and feel no conflict with, even though my ancestral belief, (as can be seen in some other cultures), amongst other differences, sees the Moon as masculine and the Sun as feminine.

The leaves on the rich blue cloak are (white) oak leaves and what appear at first glance in some parts of her cloak to be flowers, are the oak catkins. The green edging of the cloak is like the branch of an oak tree linking the three worlds... The Underworld, The Earth and The Sky. Oak leaves are used in many ceremonies, including weddings, solstice festivals and funerals... The oak gives strength, endurance, long life and protection from diseases and other misfortunes in life.

Through the contact of oak leaves, the person receives the maximum possible amount of life energy. The oak tree when personified, has masculine energy and knows and has witnessed many things and is wise and humble. By going through the Oak Door you have access to the etheral planes, hence the use of oak leaves in a funeral. Sound reason why the High Priestess adorns her dress with oak leaves.

The High Priestess is secretive in her stance and in the way she is thinking. She shows potential, has a distinct air of mystery and is remote enough as to show that she knows how to avoid emotional entanglement even though her emotions remain hidden... Maybe they are hidden from herself... She is preceptive, self reliant and thus virginal, in that she belongs to noone but herself. In spite of the plush clothing, she is non material and serene, though she can be severe and untouchable if the need is there. It shows in her eyes.

She doesn't follow the dogma of any church or spiritual belief other than her own which is within herself thus she is isolated, but it is of her own desire. Because she follows no orthodox dogma it can be sometimes difficult to see and understand her spiritual beliefs mainly because she knows how to contain herself.

She covers her hands and wears white gloves for purity of spirit. She puts her hand against her face and places a finger near her right temple... it's the sign of thinking, going back recalling, locking into the unconscious which is in the background, rather than be actively obvious. Thus, she is in the process of recalling and thinking within herself.

The vial she holds with the red liquid is ruby red, a deep red rose colour... the colour of colloidal gold as created by alchemists. Colloidal gold has been known to be called the 'Solution of the Soul.' Historically, alchemists believed gold colloid cleared the mind, increased intelligence and will power, and balanced the emotions. Gold could possibly be the link between Science and Spirituality because it gives higher perspective and universal knowledge... Elixir of Life..

There is a bone on both the light pillar and the shadow pillar... ground bone powder, alchemist ingredient. In some instances the white bone powder from the bones of saints and mystics when mixed becomes a deep ruby red colour signifiying their blood, the life force. Could it be ground bone powder mixture she holds in her vial? Could the vial have sacramental red wine? Or could it be blood, but in many legends blood is stolen and stored in vials, but the High Priestess has no need to steal. It doesn't really matter what the red liquid is, because she is mysterious and her mystery remains within herself.

She appears to look at the vial but she isn't focussing on the vial itself, nor does she look into the eyes of the observer... She appears to be looking at something, yet she isn't focussing on anything specific. Her eyes do not focus into your eyes when you look right into them, yet you sense her eyes are clearly focussed into something. Could they be focussed into herself rather than anything in the world outside of her inner spirituality.

She appears to be immobile and serene... She is the Goddess, the female Pope, the spiritual Warrior Princess..... She is the one who gives the spirit flesh... The Mother of Life and Mother of Death, hence the light and shadow pillars of duality on either side of her... She evokes the light or the shadow side or walks the middle road between them both, depending on her situation. She's veiled in a mystical way and so her magic is hidden...

Turquoise, the mixture of green and blue is the colour of her head dress. It gives her a soft feminine look. Turquoise can be emotional stability, spiritual grounding, attunes the physical to the higher realms and is wisdom and protection. The turqouise aura is seen around poets and mystics, thus her head dress represents her aura colour and is free flowing... Blue is a natural colour... it's a universal colour... Blue is trustworthy and dependable... Green is the soothing and relaxing like the oak leaves.

She is the Australian Dingo... The Warrigal.... The wild dog... The Dreamtime is the spiritual past and the spiritual now of the Aboriginal people who I have close friends and we have over many years found similarities in spiritual understanding and ways... It is from here comes the belief that the Dingo can see into the supernatural, it is a watchdog, warning of the approach of spirits. In Dog Dreaming their ancestor was part human, part dingo from which all people came, this was the belief in some areas.

The Dingo can see into the supernatural. The Dingo is mysterious and secretive. A lean creature, not a pack animal but a loner, thus it follows it's own path and ways but will live and be part of a small clan if the need is there... The Dingo watches and observes everything, is reasoning, has knowledge, works on intuition and doesn't bark, but howls...

You can never be sure what the Dingo, same like the High Priestess is thinking or where the Dingo, The High Priestess, is looking... A regal spiritual creature, pure Intuition.

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