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Interesting card.

Isasis and her slave - Green.

We see in it only the bodies of two lovers, but we do not see their faces, and it is difficult to identify which of them a woman, and who is the man. Their faces are hidden with edges of the card as a mask. Ribbons, which entwine the body, themselves intertwined in a way similar to the glasses or fancy mask.
Mask, as a symbol of transformation, when visible transformed into the desired when the face is overcome by its own nature. Wearing a mask, the man is not an image of man and animal sign as well as an animal in a different guise, the hunter tries to find common ground with the animals, be like the animal physically through the "masquerade", to merge his body with the body of the beast.
These two lovers so intertwined with each other in amorous ecstasy, so that they seemed has no memory of themselves, do not know who they are and what surrounds them in this world.
Only mask knows which of them is actually under the cover, and what these two lovers hide.

Which of them a woman, and who is man?

This card is an image of the book I reminded - Gustav Meynrik "Angel of the West Window" and its main characters - Isasis, Green, and Lopotin (which bears the name Mascee - nothing, mask).
Due to this story, Green made Taygerm ceremony of a slow browning 50 cats, refers to the mysteries of initiation into the cult of the Goddess of the Moon Scottish Isais Black, in the Walpurgis Night, that is, on the night of May 1, in order to merge with her essence.

Therefore we can assume that the Black body belongs to a Woman, the main character - Isasis - Isis, or Kali, the Dark Moon Goddess, the goddess of the black moon. White body belongs to Men - Black Prince Isasis, her first servant, and an evil demon.
Mask - is a symbol of the Black Goddess, is a symbol of the night, giving shelter to vice. Goddess and her Prince merge in ecstatic love of the night. Their body - white and black, the sun and moon, light and life arising from death and Darkness. On the other hand, the moon - it is a black center of the Night, this vampire suck this life and light. Born of the moon and the moon subservient is masculine vampire aggression, preventing nights eating itself.
Black Goddess of the Moon -she is for those, who are themselves going into her arms, as her prince, she leaves a ghostly semblance of life, and depriving the individual, and will, and above all individuality, because the man is dissolved and merged her into a single unit.
Lunar gravity, the variability of the lunar phases kept man in a state of tension and unrest (we can see 2 ribbons behind his back = 2 of wands).

The human is a combination of two principles - the male and female, material and spiritual, good and evil, as black and white, two faces of color. And between them a struggle constantly is, it is not only a struggle and the choice between the masculine and feminine, but also the spiritual and the material world (a man embraces a woman's waist, we see a hand with 5 fingers = 5 wands). But like seeketh like, and when a man wants a woman, it means that it is feminine source rushes to his kindred element (we can see, left man's nipple peeps of the female as the left eye is looking to the world - left eye - a symbol of the Moon). That is, more intense passion of men to women in particular and to the material world in general, the weaker is his masculinity. In order to get rid of the female vampire, the man must maintain his masculine identity, which a woman tries constantly destroy.

So that the man should make a choice, to come to decision, or to merge into a stranglehold with the Goddess of the Black Moon, to completely subjugate his will to become her obedient servant, lifeless zombie, either stay firm ground of the land with his both feet in order to retain his male identity.
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