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Crystal Tarot - Chalices

I love this deck...... but it’s breaking my heart!

Okay, that’s a bit of an over-statement, but I really had hoped that this was ‘The One’. Everything about the deck ..... the Klimt and Liberty influences..... the colours..... the size.... the wonderful majors.... was everything I’d hoped for.

I should also confess that I’d hoped this deck would be a kinda Marseilles-light........ that it would help me to better understand the historical decks. So I was looking forward to studying the pips.

I started with the suit of Chalices.......

The first thing I noticed was that:
Ace through to five - the chalices themselves are of different shapes and designs [and are more ornate than those that follow]
six and eight are the same shape, design and background
seven, nine and ten have the same background, design and include the same two shapes.

So I honed in on the six and eight.....
The background is a William Morris tulip design in muted colours [the most sombre of the backgrounds], with blue half-rings superimposed.
The configuration of the cups is the same - other than two additional sideways-on central cups.
Those two additional cups on the eight cover [and block the exit of] two butterflies fully represented on the six. In discussion with Firemaiden she suggests that the eight shows a completed design - the central open area is blocked, there are no exits now.
The LWB says that the six represents “memories - living not only for oneself”; the eight “maturity - to understand the difference between the past and the future”.

But I can’t draw all this together...... I’ve hit ‘the wall’ ....... and I’m hoping you kind folks can help me find some understanding.
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