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Hello Aoife,

I also have the Crystal Tarot and isn't it beautiful? When I first got it I tried to get some input on exactly the same type of questions. The difference between the 6 of chalices (memories - living not only for oneself) and the 8 of chalices (maturity - to understand the difference between the past and the future) is those two cups. They neither point downwards towards the past nor upwards towards the future. Do they bridge the gap between the past and the future? It strikes me that the colours of the 6 (past) and the 8(future) are both faded. Is that a reflection of their reality? If so why is the 7 called imagination and why does it have bright colours and flambouyant flowers? In a typical RW type deck there is a picture of a person turning their back on 8 cups, these cups are usually ordered and he is going towards the future sometimes towards higher ground and spirituality. Can this tie in somehow?

I too come up against many brick walls but perhaps if a few of us work together we can make some sense of it.

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