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Originally Posted by Barbaras Ahajusts
AJ, I found them on the AT too! I also found this little site & it does readings with that deck...
Hey, nice find Barbara! ever so enabling

I found my list of 'available when sitting in a hospital' rune material ideas:

You'd need to make someone at the nurses station your new best friend so you can borrow a permanent marker to draw the sigils.

paper tape around cotton balls
sterile wipe packets
plastic spoon bowls
Styrofoam cup bottoms
or the lids
bottle caps
sugar/seasoning packets
backs of blister packs

And there were acres of found objects that would make a good oracle

edited to add: I found this pattern for crocheted runes at Llewellyn.
it is on two different web pages, but I'm pretty sure it is the same set...

Lewellyn has free shipping for US addresses for two days only,
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