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Hi jewel-ry, and thank you for your response. I do remember you raising questions on a previous thread. It would be great to work through the conundrums posed by this beautiful deck.

As for my questions here, I'm now feeling quite stupid. Serves me right! Should've done my research properly. However.......

Reading through past threads, the suggestion seems to be that there's been a swop between traditional swords-air and cups-water correspondences. But.....

Reading through the LWB [and poking my fingers in my ears to avoid the scorn of Diana and Umbrae] Chalices are said to be the "Realm of Spirit...... they communicate with the spiritual and emotional". So now..... arghhh!

See.... I'm inclined to associate 'the spiritual' with wands and 'the emotional' with cups. But bear with me..... let me run with this......
A blend of - optimism, sensing victory [6 wands] with innocence and memory [6 cups]. But no.... I'm flipping back to RWS thinking.

Changing tack.....what I'm now seeing with the six and eight of Chalices is that they're the only two Chalice cards which are perfectly symmetrical. Hmmmm...... symmetry - unity through synthesis of opposites. But! "symmetry may sometimes betray artificiality and lack of creative spirit.... denoting a rationalisation which constrains....maybe stifles spontaneous strengths of pure intuition and imagination" Penguin Dictionary of Symbols, Chevalier & Gheerbrant.

Anyone care to come and untangle the knots in my synapses?
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