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the one I have is how to read the runes in 6 weeks. don't ask me the name, although I may have giving it earlier in this thread.
She talks about first learning about the runes and a funny reader who was selling runes and how his attitude is what made her decide she could make her own. Truly, they could be made from anything, as long as the owner enjoyed the feel of them.

One thing she recommends is a throw spread with three circles on it, like a teacup, a pie plate, a dinner plate, and your literally throw the runes across these circles and then for the reading combine the rune with the circle it lands in...sort of like clarifier's. anyway, it was interesting, but I keep thinking about throwing the runes and how complicated it would be not to influence that throw unless you tossed them over your shoulder.

the wooden stars is a brilliant idea. Our Michael's Crafts here has a whole section with small wooden shapes for crafting, in dozens of different things...trees, cars, birds, yadayada
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