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Feet as earth eyes

I think the footprint is the leitmotiv which represents the suit of coins for her, in that the footstep is both an emblem of the body, and of the earth, since (as is quoted above) it is our contact point with the earth. There is only one footprint on the three, (no mention in the text) but on the six of coins there are two foot and two handprints. For the six she again says "Exchange with the earth through the soles of the feet..." and she recommends to "link consciousness to the feet" and to "run over various earth surfaces. Sand, stony ground, dirt, mud, moss, meadows, invigorate through the feet the whole body and the organs"

Perhaps for MP the soles/souls of the feet are like sensory doors to the soul, and as we observe the world with our eyes, so should we feel it with our toes...

Are there eyes on those feet?
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