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Thanks firemaiden! And hello to all.

With the 2 of Coins, we see MP using the familiar symbol of the ouroboros (serpent biting its own tail) that we used in the 2 of Coins cards from the OGD and Thoth decks and disguised in the 2 of Coins from the RWS deck. (Incidentally, the ouroboros was prefigured in the design features of the Tarot de Marseille 2 of Coins. Perhaps, like in the RWS, the designers intended an ouroboros but disguised it.)

The ouroboros has various meanings in Western symbolism. One meaning that appeals to me in the context of the 2 of Coins is "marriage of opposing principles, Heaven and Earth, night and day, the Chinese yang, and yin, and of all the properties possessed by these opposing elements" (Chevalier/Gheerbrant). In fact, Crowley uses yin/yang symbols in his 2 of Coins card to bring home the concept of constant change, and alternation, in the material world. Our world is in constant flux, as shown by the magician in the RWS 2 of Coins card juggling the two pentacles.

To MP, an example of such constant rotation and alternation are human steps, which firemaiden notes is at the same time a leitmotiv of MP's for the Coins suit -- footsteps as emblem of body and earth. Yes, IMHO, MP overdoes it with those feet. Great concept, but once for the whole suit would have sufficed.

Interestingly, we also see a theme of human steps and alternation in the Osho Zen 2 of Rainbows (=2 of Coins). The card is titled Moment to Moment. In that card, we see the man in Oriental dress step-toeing "lightly and non-seriously" across the stones, "balanced and alert".
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