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Originally posted by firemaiden
It sure is wonderful to have your input here Rusty Neon. I particularly loved reading your historical perspective -- I do think MP usually harks back to all three tradtions -- Marseilles, RW and Thoth as much as possible and then adds her own twist. Isn't it the two of coins which was habitually used for the artist (or publisher) to leave their signature/stamp?
Yes, precisely! The 2 of Coins was a signature/stamp card in antique tarots. We see this idea to this day in American playing cards in the Ace of Spades.

In the Conver TdM, the ouroboros is disguised as an infinity-shaped ribbon around the 2 coin emblems of the 2 of Coins cards, with Conver's name and publication year written on the ribbon. A wonderful combination of function (i.e., signature/stamp) and purpose (i.e., inclusion of the ouroboros), wouldn't you say?
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