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04/12 King of Wands (Ludwig)

I drew Ludwig today (as well as the 9 of Cups- I knew that 9 of Cups energy was around!). Though Ludwig cuts a fine figure, my eyes are drawn to that unusual die. A skull, fire and a K for King. Makes me think that perhaps a Page would be overwhelmed by Death and fall into inertia. But part of the maturity of the King is to be able to conciously draw on his fire energy and start really living again after a Death experience. His hat seems to speak of a fighting spirit, as well, or as Graham says about the 5 of Wands, "There are times in our lives when we must struggle in order to succeed." Ludwig has realized his responsibility to tap into his spirit and passion so that he can lead, inspire, teach and encourage by his example; not just when things are going well, but in the midst of Death and struggle. He retains his vision of what can be if we don't give up.

Graham's booklet says: "Standing on the table is Ludwig, the King of Wands, who is a great leader, fine teacher, and very generous man. Ludwig is a king of great inspiration, and when he is with us we feel encouraged to reach our full potential. He guides and directs us, pushing us to our maximum peak.
Divinitory Meaning: Ludwig represents a figure of responsibility and friendliness. A conscientious person of true love.
Reverse Meaning: Dictatorial, intolerant."
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