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Originally Posted by hunter
I picked this card when I asked what I can expect from this deck. I have a few questions.

What is the necklace of?

What is carved into the stone at the bottom of the picture?

This picture really tugs at my heart. It screams a story to me. This man is so deep looking.
What a great card to get for expectations of this deck. The Prince of
Coins is "the builder of the temple" he aligns with the cardinal direction
south, the hour of mid day, the summer solstice and he sits at the very
pinnacle of the MAAT Tarot wheel of the year. He also aligns with The Sun
card which is the joining of egg with sperm to create the child.
This also suggests the building of a temple.

The necklace is symbolic of his connection to Coins a simple gold
disk. The carving on the stone is the Aten an Egyptian solar symbol
coined by Akenaten the heratic king of 18th dynasty Egypt.
I chose it not because of Akenaten but because of it's beauty
and simplicity in expressing the Egyptian sun which in my opinion seems
brighter than the one here in north America.

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