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Originally Posted by hunter
I could really use some help with this card.

In the past I have focused on discipline and defensiveness, and the idea that a LOT has just happened. Now I have a card with a new baby. I'm going to need to really change my thinking.

I guess Moses really has been through something though. He was hidden for a few months and his life was in peril each of those moments as well as the people who hid him. He is about to enter a time of greater safety, that he must use to prepare for what is coming.

As I'm writing, it's feeling clearer.
Moses is part of a larger group of solar archetypical heroes who were raised in secret so they would be safe to fight another day. Egyptian savior god Horus son of Isis raised in the marshes so he could mature and later fight his uncle Set and avenge his murdered father Osiris. Legendary King Arthur taken by Merlin and raised in secret to draw his father's sword from the stone on Easter. Even the Christian Jesus is taken into Egypt as an infant to stay safe from King Herod until he is older. There is a perenial story here and much of it is based in nature. The new born sun begins to grow stronger as the days grow longer after winter solstice the sun overtakes the darkness at the spring Equinox(Ostara Eostar, Easter) teaching it's peak at summer solstice when the
sun begins to die the spirit of the sun flows into the vegetation the green man/Osiris and we await his return.
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