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Julie's Exercise:

Shuffle and draw one card to reflect the Great Work you will undertake this year/month/week-(you decide the duration of the work for yourself)
I will go first and will pose the question for the year as I do most of my event planning and scheduling in January no better time to start than the new moon...

What will be the focus of my great work this year? what burden will I be able to set aside or what wisdom will I be able to unburden from myself? What will dawn for me this year?

My card is...

I'll go ahead and jump start this thread for 2010! :c)

I drew The Magician.

It's interesting that this is the full moon card for the current lunar cycle. And natally, my Moon is in Cancer, in the 4th house of home and stability.

I think this is a great card to begin the New Year with! Cleansing, renewal, transformation. Expanding personal energy. Creation, balance, manifestation. Nurturing new projects and ideas, encouraging growth.

This is exactly the direction I want to take this year. The appearance of the astrological chart in the card reminds me that the maps of our lives include positives as well as negatives; we don't have to take the path of least resistance, we often just choose to, because it is easier than focusing our energies on changing.

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